Private DBO

Private design builds and operates– a private company receives funds (often a grant) from the public sector to assist in network deployment, but the private company retains full ownership.

  • Italy
    Alto Adige
  • Portugal aims for 100 percent fiber penetration. The Portuguese government has reached an agreement with three of the country’s main telecommunications operators on the deployment of FTTH, and a line of credit has been made available by the government to support the operators’ investments. In addition, public tenders have been launched to ensure that rural areas will be covered, and they have recently been cleared under EU state aid rules. Portugal Telecom, the incumbent operator, plays a key role in fiber deployment and covered 1 million households by the end of 2009. 
  •  United Kingdom, BT plans to invest up to £2.5 billion in fiber broadband covering two-thirds of premises until 2015, through both very high speed DSL (VDSL) and FTTH. BT declared that there was a need for public-sector funding to cover the final third of premises, and the plan was not viable otherwise.
    Virgin Media has started to roll out DOCSIS 3.0 at 100 Mb/s on their existing cable network to 12.7 million homes. In the first phase, they aim to cover parts of London, southeastern United Kingdom, and Yorkshire by mid 2012.
    Fujitsu UK is planning to build a fibre-optic network to deliver super-fast broadband to five million households in rural areas of the UK.
    The Japanese company’s £2 billion broadband rollout has been backed by Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Cisco. The network will compete with services supplied by BT Wholesale and BT Openreach to competing providers.
    According to Fujitsu, the company “will run fibre-optic cabling directly to the home, rather than to the local street cabinet. As a result, the Fujitsu network will be one gigabit symmetric capable from day one with potential to go to 10 gigabits and beyond.”
    Fujitsu’s open-access wholesale network will be supported by Cisco’s technology. TalkTalk — which has used BT until now — and Virgin Media, which has its own fibre network in urban areas, will use wholesale access on the network to sell their services to customers in remote parts of the UK.
    The network will also be open to other service providers on wholesale terms. The company plans to use BT’s ducts and cables to reach customers.

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  1. Many countries seem to have historically struggled to move from strategic allocation of funding for broadband at a National or Regional level through to successful delivery of high speed broadband connectivity and services. Others have shown remarkable progress – is this the best model for Europe? What is your belief and experience?

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